OpenEMR 6.1.0 Patch 1 has been released

The 1st patch for OpenEMR 6.1.0 has been released:

  • Security fixes (fixes by Brady Miller, Stephen Waite)
  • LBF printing fix (fix by Brady Miller)
  • Various demographics fixes for twig overhaul including WENO Rx(fixes by Stephen Waite)
  • PHP8 for Eye form and miscellaneous php8 bug fixes (by Stephen Waite)
  • Billing fix for submitter name (by Daniel Pflieger)
  • Patient portal registration bug fix (by Brady Miller)
  • Multi site install fixes (by Stephen Waite)
  • Backup bug fix (by Brady Miller)
  • Save appointment fix in calendar lookup (by infeg-khaleela)
  • OpenEMR API Create Transaction (by Jonathan Moore)
  • FHIR API Bug fixes (by Stephen Nielson)
  • API Medication bug fix (by Natarajan MS)
  • Code type selector bug (fixed by Stephen Nielson)