OpenEMR 6.0 External Database RxNorm

Installing RxNorm file to external database using the platform Github docker. Having issue with the file during the install. Sits there, says “Staged Releases” and nothing happens. Having the same issue with the CQM_Valueset database. What’s the fix for this?


not able to reproduce rxnorm fail on the easy dev docker @seddinger

Is this normal during the install process to get “Staged Releases” and just have to wait?

hi @seddinger, do you see the instructions when you click the ?

Hi Stephen, yes before uploading the file into the contrib\rxnorm folder and I follow the instructions. I didn’t have this problem running on my Windows 10 test bed, this only happened once we moved to Github docker platform. So, its just sits there and doesn’t install. Thanks!

When I upload file unzipped I get “Stages Released” and when I upload the zipped file I get this error “UNSUPPORTED database load file:
RxNorm_full_prescribe_04052021 (1).zip”

did you docker cp the file?

We mounted the contrib dir as a volume.

Hi Stephen, do you have instructions on what you mean by the cp the file so, I can send that to our sys admin group?