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OpenEMR 6.0.0 portal self-registration not working

EMAIL ERROR: You must provide at least one recipient email address.
no new data in the patient_data
new row in insurance_data
new row in patient_access_onsite

when clicking the link in email to reset password:
Oops! Something went wrong. Please try again.

F12 console
POST https://hostname/openemr/portal/patient/api/patient 401 (Unauthorized)

OpenEMR Version
I’m using OpenEMR 6.0.0


Operating System
Ubuntu, Windows 10


This issue has been fixed I believe it will be available with the next patch release of Open EMR

Thank you for the reply!

I looked at the link before I posted my original question.
In that link, someone had the same problem,
which seemed to me the key,
POST https://hostname/openemr/portal/patient/api/patient 401 (Unauthorized)

I tried the 600 Docker on my local computer,
also tried the Amazon 600 Docker. Both have the same problem.

May I have the patch so I can test?
Self-registration is a key requirement for choosing OpenEMR.
Seems 6.0.0 has other nice features that we will need.
Most prefer to use 6 over OpenEMR 5. (Self-registration in OpenEMR 5.x works great).

The patched docker image has not been released yet, but the fixed code is in the master branch of the repo.

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I just posted a wiki page on the topic:

Please tell me if it’s useful or if I missed anything?
Thanks- Harley

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Thank you Harley!
Your wiki page looks great to me!
Where do I find the patches please?

when a patient registers,
say someone named Bran Stark, DOB 2018-03-19 Male,
he should not already be in the OpenEMR system, correct?

Hi @mzshen2021
Thanks for the compliment, hope the page turns out to be useful.
I’m not a dev, but I do know they keep the posted patches for each current version here:
That page may come in useful for you in the future.
However, as the page says, they haven’t released any patches for v 6.0 yet.
I am using OpenEMR v6.1.0-dev which does have the code update and can be downloaded from:
Hope that helps!

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Re: the patient registering, that is correct: when the patient self- registers they should be a new patient, not already in the system because the self- registration creates a new patient record for them.
However, 2 things must be remembered:

  1. When registering through the portal, the system will refuse to let them register if they use the same email address as an existing patient.
  2. When a new patient record is created in OpenEMR (not from the portal) it does a check and shows any potential duplicates. But it leaves it to the user to decide if it’s a duplicate and add it or not. I haven’t checked to see how the portal handles duplicate registrations, even if they have different emails. That might make a useful addition to the documentation, eh?
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Thanks to you HT and to Benjamin Marte.
Yes, I tried 6.1.0-dev and its self-registration function works!

Portal checks Name, DOB, email and maybe one other i’ve forgotten. An email may have a duplicate say, family members uses the same email, in which case the email address(that becomes username) will be made unique in patient population.

Very good! Happy to hear it.
Best- HT

Hi @sjpadgett
So, the duplicate email will be used to send the credential but the username derived from the email will be made unique?
V cool info, will add to docs ASAP.

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Well after applying the latest patch I continued to run into this issue after doing some debugging the issue was the CMS Portal Login I was using was less than 12 characters so it would continue to throw this error.

I’m going to write up a bug so we can have a better error message or specify that the patient login should be 12 characters long or higher.

Is there any reason why a username and an email is needed to login to the portal? Why not just use the email as the username? It’s a very weird UX to have both in order to login IMHO.

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