Openemr 5.0.2 How to upload assets to AWS S3 storage?

Hi All,

I am using Openemr 5.0.2 .I would like to host in AWS and store the assets in S3 bucket.

Let me know how to configure the assets in S3 bucket. is it any build in feature available in Openemr ?

hi @sinothoma, probably want to check out the aws openemr cloud packages, like express plus for instance.

You could launch it and then move your assets to that instance.

Sorta depends. The AWS Marketplace packages back up to S3, using Duplicity to do rotated, encrypted, full and incremental backups straight to an S3 bucket, but that’s not really storing servable assets.

If you’re talking about assets like patient documents, OpenEMR supports file-system storage and MongoDB, and neither of those are going to translate directly to S3 without a file-system shim like Fuse Over Amazon · s3fs-fuse/s3fs-fuse Wiki · GitHub but I have absolutely not tested that. It would be sort of nice if OpenEMR had a document abstraction layer that would allow an S3 plugin to be written but I haven’t heard of that and it’s not a high development priority this minute.

If you’re talking more about static resources coming off S3 instead of the local Apache, I would not know where to start advising you. You’d need to create a package of assets (maybe during one of the PHP build processes?), get it up on Amazon where browsers could see it, and change the internal OEMR references to point to S3 instead of the local relative links. A stark challenge and a low priority because I’ve never heard of a slow, resource-starved OpenEMR instance where “serving static files” was the source of the problem.

If your real objective is “store the files in Amazon at all” and not specifically S3, you might consider looking at EFS.

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@stephenwaite @jesdynf Thanks for your update.

Actually, I am looking for a feature same as in the Administration -> Globals ->Documents-> Document Storage Method -> Hard Disk, Couch DB, AWS S3 Bucket

AWS S3 Bucket > New Storage type needs to selected and all Assets will go to the configured instance .

Anyone can suggest a solution for this?

@sinothoma did you ever get this built? I would like this feature also where AWS S3 Bucket is the selection for document storage.