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Openemr 5.0.2 blank screen

Installed a new copy of vs 5.0.2 and no error uptil end of installation. But got my first error on the login screen and after disabling error reporting in php.ini, on logging in all I get is blank screen with another error. But logout button works. 1st error was ‘undefined index language direction in C:/xammp/htdocs/openemr/src/core/header.php at line 149’
2nd error was about only variables should be passed. All attempt prove abortive.
Windows 7, Xammp with php 7.1.12 and later Xammp with php 7.2.12

hi @Nour, please see Installation Troubles

Thanks. Will attempt and see.

No luck. Error no more popping up but there is no items on the screen other than hide and logout and openemr webpage buttons.

hi @Nour, does the php error log have anything for this?

Your screen image shows only calendar as menu option.

So have you tried login using English or any language that is not Right to Left?

Calendar is the only thing on the menu. And as you can see, I am using English. Though the computer was initially used by a friend in an Arab country however the language is in English.

Also can’t find any error log file. Just stranded.

When there is error with installed files the web page generator stops. So in response you get blank screen. It is impossible to find problem by reading a blank screen.

To find problems, use php.ini file (use xampp start page to find location) and add these lines at end - you will need to remove those later.

display_errors = on
error_reporting = E_ALL & ~E_DEPRECATED & ~E_STRICT

Restart apache web server and login

If this works, you will see lot of displays. Look for Fatal error at end when the display stopped. If you are not able to fix that error, save displayed errors to file and attach to response.

Only one error:-

Notice: Only variables should be passed by reference in C:\xampp\htdocs\openemr\src\Menu\MainMenuRole.php on line 67

Code continues after notice messages. Since nothing changed, I would say drop this broken installation and start, preferably, on new machine. Sorry.

Please bring up your xampp control panel then select logs and php error. Does the file exist and what does it show.

Here is the Apache error logNew Text Document.txt (1.5 KB)

Nothing there to stop page loading so must be a javascript or route issue.
Open your browser web console and load the site watching for any error especially 404’s…

I have used several browsers same result. What you are saying is this is not coming from the openemr xampp package or php settings? Maybe should I format the system and reinstall Windows?

Nothing that drastic - specially not windows. First cleanup current installation and try reinstalling openemr. If you encounter any errors / warning displays, then you may end up reinstalling xammp components - only if those errors have not been discussed on this forum.

If you have another machine, you may find it faster to install an Ubuntu or Mint server and deploy OpenEMR docker as a ready to run system.

Hopefully you are also following the discussion - XAMPP version for EMR - 5.0.2. Windows 10

Reinstalled on a new system. Able to get it to work but as you can see the browser on the left is Microsoft edge while that on the right in Internet explorer. The IE showed only blank screen as on the other system. Butbon other system I used Firefox, chrome and IE and none worked. So could it be that there is minimum browser specifications for 5.0.2?

That is progress. Do you see any issues with Firefox and Chrome in current setup?

Unfortunately I have non installed. But I am updating the other system chrome and Firefox to latest vs to see.

Hi all,
Not trying to butt in but v5.0.2 runs on both IE11 and Edge well. Matrix user base almost exclusively run on IE using RTL.

I’d be almost certain there is a javascript error preventing script to move on. Please open your browser console, log into openemr and observe console for any errors. F12 many times gets your console up.