OpenEMR 5.0.1 has just been released!

(Brady Miller) #1

OpenEMR 5.0.1 has just been released!!!

It can be downloaded here:

Installation instructions can be found here:

Upgrading instructions can be found here:

Online Demos can be found here:

New feature list in OpenEMR 5.0.1:

  • 2014 ONC Complete Certified EHR
  • User Interface improvements
  • New Feature Packed Patient Portal
  • New Institutional Billing Support
  • New FHIR Support
  • New DICOM Image Viewer Support
  • New WENO Rx With E-prescribing Support
  • New Active Directory Support
  • New Support for Role Based Menus and Custom Menus
  • New Recall Board (for reminders)
  • New Group Therapy Module
  • New MedEX Messaging Feature
  • New User Interface Themes
  • New Patient Picture Icon
  • New Patient Birthday Reminder
  • New Support for MySQL/MariaDB SSL Connections
  • CCDA Module Improvements
  • Graphing Module Improvements
  • Lab Module Improvements
  • PDF Module Improvements
  • Billing Module Improvements
  • Patient Forms/Notes Module Improvements
  • Prescription Module Improvements
  • Immunization Module Improvements
  • Access Control Improvements
  • Patient Document Management Improvements
  • Messaging Improvements
  • Patient Tracker Board Improvements
  • Eye Module Improvements
  • Date and Time Localization Improvements
  • Date and Time Selector Improvements
  • Backup Module Improvements
  • Nation Note Module Improvements
  • Layout Engine Improvements
  • RTL Support Improvements
  • Form Validation Improvements
  • Data Encryption Support Improvements
  • ICD10 Code Set Updated
  • Supported in 34 Languages
  • Numerous Bug Fixes
  • Numerous Security Fixes and Security Improvements
  • Numerous Fixes to Ensure Compatible with Most Recent Version of PHP
  • Speed and Performance Optimizations
  • Standardized Styling of Codebase
  • Modernization of Codebase