Open Source - Common Interests

Dear Fellow Open Source Practitioners,

My name is Seong K. Mun and I serve as President and CEO of OSEHRA, a non-profit organization focused on open source VistA and health information technology.

I would like to invite you to a conference call with other fellow open source professionals to explore ways to collaborate and to promote greater adoption of open source solutions. As you know, promises of open source are many while there are as many challenges. At this first call, we would like to introduce each other and see if there might be some areas of common interests that we can collaborate on.

May I suggest one of the following two time slots for the call and please let me know your preference.

11:00 am Tuesday 19 March, 2019 (East Coast Time)


1:00 pm Wednesday, 20 March, 2019 (East Coast Time)

Upon your response, we will send out ZOOM conference call invitations.

I do hope you can join the call to meet others in the open source community and share your expertise.

Seong Ki

Seong K. Mun PhD
President and CEO
OSEHRA Inc. (Non-Profit)
1934 Old Gallows Road (Suite 420)
Vienna, VA 22182
(571) 363- 3150

Hi Seong,

Thanks for reaching out to the OpenEMR community and thanks for the invitation. I’d be able to make the Wednesday call. My email is .


I am also available…

Please send me an invite, thank you Seong.

Good Morning All,

Thank you for your interest in our proposed community discussion. My name is Anthony, and I will be sending the calendar invitation on behalf of Dr. Seong Ki Mun.

Please let me know if you have any questions ahead of time.

Best Regards,

Anthony Fischetti
Deputy Project Manager, OSEHRA
1934 Old Gallows Road, Suite 420, Vienna, VA 22182
Office: 571-363-3157

invite please