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Open multiple, simultaneous patient charts

Is it possible to have two or more patient charts open at the same time? It is not uncommon to be working on one patient’s chart (eg, writing a clinic note) when you are asked a question about a different patient. It would be very handy to be able to quickly check data about the newly questioned patient so you can answer it, but to leave the original patient’s chart open so you can go back to finishing your note. Not only does this save time by not opening and closing charts, but the open chart serves as a reminder that you need to complete what you were working on (eg, clinic note, etc.).


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@pcgarell Yes it’s possible to have multiple pt records open at the same time, but up to not too long ago it has occasionally caused problems.
I do customer support for OpenEMR and we occasionally got complaints that when users had multiple records open sometimes data from one patient’s record got copied over into the other’s.
Our remedy was to NOT have more than one record open at a time. We haven’t had complaints for a while but that may be because we’ve trained all our customers.
Granted, I haven’t been following the upgrades for a while so I don’t know if They fixed the bug that transferred the data.
If it has been fixed, then in the words of Roseanne Roseannadanna… “never mind!”