One provider, multiple states / licenses

(Kevin Robinson) #1

Problem: Provider practices is multiple states and needs an individual license per state.

While this is not really a problem for visits, where this is an issue I see is:

  1. eRX prescribing, provider would need a separate Weno ID (don’t use the other eRX options)
  2. Signing, tag the records in eSign with the license used for auditing purposes… i.e., to show that the visit was performed with a valid license, etc.
  3. Labs … having correct credential in the state to prescribe labs

Solution: I see this as a “simple” solution…

  1. create seperate db table “provider_licenses”
    this table will have: id, state, license number, expiration date, state weno id, user_id (as foreign key)
  2. require user SSN to use as a lookup to pevent searching on like names alone incase a pratice as multiple John Smith’s
  3. allow one provide to schedule patients in their licensed states, but when prescribing, ordering labs, signing charts, logic would check if there are multiple user_ids with same tax id field, then prompt the provider which license to use
  4. for prescribing, I can’t find the code that would show a “state” abbreviation with the name

I’m pretty good with Access DB, just learning mySQL, so this is a whole new world, but that is my thought and would be happy to learn and work with ya’ll to make this happen.

Interim: I’d be happy to create multipkle profiles for each license in the meantime, just need a way to show which state the profile belongs to (yet keeping the Display Name legible for ePrescribing purposes, i.e., no John Doe (State) with Doe (state) as the last name as that might cause confusion for pharmacists.