ONC Certification question

I had a quick question about the ONC certification. First off I admit I don’t know anything about it or fully understand it.

I ran into a provider today at a conference and they were telling me they had to change EMR’s because of the new legislation in Oklahoma called okshine. They were complaining there were only 2 approved EHRs in existence. I was blindsided and didn’t know anything about okshine. I’ve since looked this up and found this link:

Does OpenEMR’s ONC fit that requirement?



hi @brad, hopefullty OpenEMR’s 2015 certification info wiki can help out.

So OpenEMR meets the requirements listed in your document as far as it being ONC certified. It looks like there’s a requirement for a ‘valid vendor contract’ which OpenEMR itself doesn’t do vendor contracts so that could be a hangup. If there’s a vendor that the provider has a contract with that’s using the ONC 2015 certified product I’m guessing that would work.

It looks more like the rest of the criteria is based on the provider application. You can always send the provider the OpenEMR ONC CHPL link: Certified Health IT Product List (CHPL)