Old patient portal removal

(Brady Miller) #1


I am thinking it makes sense to remove the old onsite patient portal. Any thoughts on this?


(Jerry P) #2

I’m due a promotion! Do I need to watch my back or Portal two is next? Does this mean my portal will now be called Portal One? I’ve got a hundred more of these if wanted :slight_smile:
I think it can go, after all it will be done in new release.

(Brady Miller) #3


drumroll :drum:

(Brady Miller) #4

The old patient portal was just officially removed. Many thanks to the folks that supported and built the old patient portal, which created the inspiration for the new portal! Bye Bye old patient portal, you will be missed.

(Stephen Waite) #5

Thank you for the amazing music video tribute :slight_smile:

(Tyran Mincey) #6

Yes it does. I personally would not open it as it is a liability.