OhMD integration

OhMD is a secure text messaging app. On their website it states that it is actually integrated with OpenEMR, among other EMRs. Anyone knows how to activate/use it within OpenEMR? Any specifics on this?


So is WhatsApp however in this case I don’t know who did this project but will say it is not part of OpenEMR.
It was probably custom done by a vendor that used the OpenEMR brand for marketing purposes.

We have a SMS messaging module(Twilio) that is set up to support other messaging, email and fax vendors with a little effort. Hopefully if the vendor that did this decides to contribute it to the community there are modular resources in OpenEMR.

Hello Jerry & everyone

We have joined Twilio and entered the username and key into the module. However, we are having issues finding a way to use it to text our patients. Can you direct us on how to do it. We have looked but can’t find a clear set of instruction on how to use it.


Hi @CalvinTy
Three main uses for SMS module

  • Appointment reminders
  • Reply from module received messages from appointment reminder or patient cell.
  • Send message from Portal Documents template Patient Assigned Templates status table. e.g. nudge patient to complete a questionnaire.

You may run appointment reminders from the modules Activity menu.

Reply to any reply by patient to reminder in modules Received tab.

Portal Template maintenance
edit: Forgot to mention that this notification sends a one-time token to patient that will auto log them into their portal then take them to and render the document in question by notification. An example email notification:

We have other cool stuff in development like

  • FHIR SMART App for sending SMS notification with one-time links to a portal document or SMS that gives a questionnaire or set of questionnaires to complete by clicking link to allow patient to complete outside of portal.
  • Batch portal document action request notifications to patient.
  • Sending SMS to patient from portal dashboard secure messaging feature.
  • SMS from demographic.
  • and so on…

We need community support to continue building and improving these features.

Hope this helps!

Btw: Just found a bug in the reply to patient reminder dialog that i’ll fix next patch…

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Here is result from patient clicking above mention notification:

Thank you so much for the reply. The above screen shots look great. However, can you direct me to a recent guide to set this up properly. As of now, I am not seeing any of the above in my 7.0.2 install with twilio module enabled.