OHIP billing for Ontario Canada

nexus77 wrote on Wednesday, January 11, 2017:

Hi, just wondering if it is possible to use OpenEmr to bill Ontario’s OHIP system here in Canada.
Thanks in advance

bradymiller wrote on Thursday, January 12, 2017:

Hi Vince,
What coding does OHIP use?(coding in OpenEMR is very customizable)
Regarding actual insurance billing, this is currently very US centric, so guessing would require development.

nexus77 wrote on Wednesday, January 18, 2017:

Hi Brady,
Thanks for the reply! To be honest, I have no idea what coding OHIP uses but will try to find out.
Thanks again


I came upon this thread looking to see if there are any instructions on setting up OHIP billing for Ontario Canada for OpenEMR.

Here are the billing codes in use in Ontario. How do I add these to OpenEMR and submit billing directly to the insurer (OHIP)?


Thank you

hi @erythrocyte, there’s some existing code that makes it easy to bring in new codes for billing but do you know of any specs on how to format the billing files for submission to OHIP?

I suspect that this information is available here in the extensive documentation


would take some work to build this according to http://www.health.gov.on.ca/en/pro/publications/ohip/docs/techspec_interface_hcsm.pdf

Hi Stephen

It would be great to have OpenEMR work at a level playing field with OSCAR the other open source competitor in Canada so folks have options to choose from.

OSCAR’s wiki has a ton of useful information too that maybe useful to OpenEMRs development team.



What I’m looking for is an open source EMR that allows for work at both US and Canadian sites (for an institution or clinic that has clients in both countries) under one umbrella, using one database that allows for easy migration (data import/export) between open source EMRs. The data being stored according to agreed opensource format specifications with the EHR itself using a common specification to link with the database (like DBI in Perl).

It appears that there is a company listed as a Canadian IT support group for OpenEMR on the wiki

It may be a good start to add OHIP functionality as a module to OpenEMR by communication with them.

Adding Canadian billing code and sales tax functionality for uninsured services may be a relatively easy thing compared to the US billing codes which are way more complicated.

Thank you

It is also a good idea to get in touch with OntarioMD or the equivalent organisations in other provinces (eg. Doctors Technology Office in BC). There are financial incentives to physicians in some provinces to use a certified EMR in their province. In Ontario apparently upto 2015 physicians got additional funding to adopt certified EMR in their practice.


Additionally the licensing body in each province has guidelines about core functionality and use of EMR that is expected as standard. These are usually common between various US and Canadian jurisdictions


I have a partially built OpenEMR with some OHIP changes,
OHIP Lab form, missing billing for OHIP, and Comms to OHIP labs and other things.
I need a funding MD office who is willing to invest in development.


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Any progress here ?
I need OHIP labs :slight_smile:
I’m just trying OEMR for the first time right now.