Offiste Portal Connection Problem 5.0.1(6)

(Srikanth Shivakumar) #1

I am using Open EMR version 5.0.1(6) on Google cloud,
I am able to log in and get the ZH healthcare offsite connection, the problem is when I test the
chk.conn shows the following error

  1. Check Offsite UserName And Password Stored In Administration->Globals->Portal
  2. Enable soap extenion in php.ini file
  3. Check Your Domain Name Or IP Address (OpenEMR should host in a static IP Or Dedicated Domain Name. Patient Portal Not Support localhost or internal IP)
  4. Check your site ID(Patient portal registed site folder and openemr site folder should be same.)

please help

Major Help needed in offsite patient portal setup
(Robert Down, BSN, RN) #2

Hi @Srikanth_Shivakumar,

I am going to move your post to a new thread as this thread is over 4 years old.