Officeally integration

We have been told by officeally one can not verify “Eligibility” verification online with officeally.
However, claim verification can be done online.
Does anyone have any experience integration “Eligibility” verification of OpenEMR with officeally?

hi @visolveemr , @sjpadgett built realtime with oa last year


Thank you. When you say real time - is this for claim verification or for “Eligibility” verification? ViSolve have integrated with OA on Claim verification but there is no simple online mechanism to validate “Eligibility” verification unless you go to OA web site!

it’s eligibility verification

Thank you! This helps. But the OA support guy clearly told me that they don’t support 3rd party integration of online “Eligibility” verification. My gut told me he may not be correct! That is why we posted the question here. We will do some more analysis including getting views from sjpadgett.

hi @visolveemr, that is probably true because you’re entering the provider’s credentials on the X12 partner page

please see:

There is another glitch as well.
My username with OA was longer than the 10 characters that openemr allows in the database… Therefore it was being truncated and I was getting the error listed above with a truncated username. Therefore, OA would not provide me with the updated eligibility when I requested it with the “Update” button.

The fix:
used phpmyadmin to change the length of the ISA_02 character string to 13 characters to accommodate my username, which is 13 characters. Once I did that and reentered my full username, the eligibility worked as it should.

Not sure how this would be coded, except to expand the default character length SPECIFICALLY for OA as the X12 EDI 270 submission for eligibility is supposed to be maxed out at 10 characters.

OA was suggesting I resubmit an application to get a shorter username… (??)

Anywho… Hope this helps someone!

Mark L. Sarnov, MD

hi @Mark_Sarnov, the ISA record has to be a fixed length record with ISA02 set to length 10 so guessing that your change might impact your claims and other transactions. Probably best to get a shorter username :slight_smile:

Ya, I know… but I may kludge the php file to TRIM the extra characters for Change Healthcare to format the 835/837 as I use a separate X12 partner for submissions than OA for eligibility.

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