Office Ally Invalid ISA Segment

What does a valid ISA Segment require?
I have SFTP’s Office Ally a dozen times and they keep sending it back as invalid but the delay in response is killer – does anyone know what is it that we need to have included in that segment so as to file the claim correctly?

Thank you.

Hi @topnoch, dbl check that the insurance company has a payer id. There is a View Log in the billing manager that will report errors as well.

This was a really big help @stephenwaite thank you!!!

Because you are so helpful I have one more question for you – can you direct me to documentation on how to send via SFTP batch (instead of individually) through office ally in OpenEMR

hi @topnoch, it’s in the dev branch and will be out for community release in a couple mos

Ok I will look into this.

But as for the original problem – we keep getting the following error:

Generating claim xxxx-xxxxx for PATIENT NAME on Today.
*** Rendering provider is billing under a group.
*** Skipping 2310B because PROVIDER NAME has invalid NPI.

^So i changed the NPI of PROVIDER NAME in their user profile under the Administration tab to the facilities NPI but the problem still persists. What do you think I should do next @stephenwaite

hi @topnoch, safe to ignore the “Rendering provider is billing under a group” warning and will remove it from reporting to the log but you should make sure there’s an NPI in the users page for the provider.

@stephenwaite thank you

We have the facilities NPI listed for each of the providers user pages.

We are currently wrestling with Office Ally in trying to get them to accept our SFTP claims

you’ll want individual npi in the users page

Thank you so much, Stephen; you have been an incredible help and we really appreciate you.

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