Office ALLY Integration

(Colin MacKenzie) #1

Can anyone tell me if Office Ally and/or ZirMed can be integrated with OPEN EMR so that when you input patient info into OPEN EMR that same info will populate Office ALLY or ZIrMed automatically without needing double entry?


(Mandar Sahasrabuddhe) #2

Hi Colin,
It is possible to integrate OpenEMR with OfficeAlly or ZirMed. You can do so by adding your X12 partner details (credentials) i.e. OfficeAlly or ZirMed, under Administration -> Practice -> X12 Partner. Once the details are configured, you should be good to go.

If you need help with the configuration, let me know. Also, I have developed a custom feature that automates the X12 submission to OfficeAlly and ERA import back into OpenEMR. Let me know if you would like a demo.


(Stephen Waite) #3

hi @cmack, think your title and question is a little misleading. This is just the electronic claims process and OpenEMR can be set up for any clearinghouse or direct to payer implementation.

(Colin MacKenzie) #4

Thank you.

Stephen, are you saying that Office Ally only performs the electronic transmission of the claims to the payers, but does not execute the payments back to the provider?

(Stephen Waite) #5

Hi @cmack, no, they’ll send the ERA back.

(Nilesh Hake) #6

Hi Colin,

Here is below flow from start to end:

  1. Once you generate the claim you need to submit the claim to office allay from FTP or from office allay web application.
  2. Once claim is uploaded office allay send you stratus of your claim.
  3. Once claim got passed office allay send the ERA on FTP and email.
  4. FTP or email ERA you need to manually process into OpenEMR.

As @Mandar_Sahasrabuddhe mention you we had made all above steps automate for one of our client. You did not need to do this process manually, you just need to click on the generate claim button.