OEMR Patient Portal V2 501 Portal

Hello everyone!
I’m testing OpenEMR 501’s features, specifically the new patient portal. I’ve tried it on Windows (XAAMP) and all the features work fine. But on both CentOS and Ubuntu, I get the following errors:
• When I click on Revise:
XHR Fail: URL [ /openemr/portal/patient/patientdata?pid=1&user=-patient-] load fail.
• When I click on Patient Documents:
The requested URL /openemr/portal/patient/onsitedocuments was not found on this server.

Any clues as to what could be causing the problem? Any help would be appreciated.

‘Patient Documents’

@ycharles I recently did some URL work for pathing. Check in Administration->Globals under Portal tab to see if you have
Portal Uses Server Base Path (internal) checked. If checked then toggle check or visa versa.
If Portal Uses Server Base Path (internal) is not there, then you are behind some updates.
Remember to log out then back in after any changes.

I see that now, my codes are way older.
Thank you!

I am getting this error when clicking revise button, openemr 7.0.0, patch 2, ubuntu php 8.1, I toggled Portal Uses Server Base Path (internal) , did not work both ways.