OEMR Board Meeting - Wednesday, September 13th, 2017

Here is the Agenda for September 13, 2017 OEMR Board Meeting:

1. Call to Order. Roll call.

2. Approval of prior meeting minutes.

  1. August 9, 2017 Board Meeting.

3. Financial Report

4. Unfinished Business

5. New Business

  • Vote for Daniel Ehrlich to Board of Directors and OEMR Member.
  • VCU Hackathon Sponsorship
  • Nominate John Williams to Board of Directors and OEMR Member (vote at next board meeting).
  • Discuss plan to assign John Williams as Chief Data Scientist for OEMR (volunteer staff position).
  • Open Health News

6. Public and Community Concerns

7. Next Board Meeting on October 11, 2017

8. Adjourn Board Meeting

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for joining OSI, putting the pieces together

osi_qualifications.odt (47.6 KB)

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I’ve already got the application filled out. I’ll follow up with an email to you, @stephenwaite

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Prior board meeting audio from August 9, 2017 meeting can be found here:

Prior board meeting minutes from August 9, 2017 meeting can be found here:

Balance Sheet (eguile)–09_11_2017.pdf (88.0 KB)
Profit & Loss–09_11_2017.pdf (77.2 KB)

there’s the first of 2 payments to @sjpadgett for his landmark work on institutional billing in this month’s activity, thanks again Jerry


reinstatement update: IRS has reached out and would like to setup a conference call; returned the call and left a message for our contact at office of appeals

looking to setup call either the first or second week of october

Congratulations on the progress!


Too funny. I think I forgot to approve the minutes from last meeting (I’ll confirm this and will do this during board meeting next month).

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Just posted the minutes for today’s board meeting here:

Here’s the audio for today’s board meeting: