OEMR Board Meeting - Wednesday, April 12th, 2017

The is the forum thread for the next OEMR board meeting on Wednesday, April 12th, 2017

will post 2017 Q1 soon, hope to have an update on OEMR protest of 501c3 reinstatement

here’s a link to the audio recording of the last meeting, http://www.open-emr.org/wiki/index.php/OEMR_wiki_page#March_8.2C_2017

quarterly reports:

Profit & Loss–04_10_2017.pdf (77.7 KB)

Balance Sheet (eguile)–04_10_2017.pdf (87.9 KB)

on the IRS front:

on March 21, chatted with attorney Peter Nealis (thanks Lou) his partner, Ron Christian, specializes in non-profits, and Peter thinks he’s handled this situation before.

They have a special rate for charitable orgs. They plan to send us an estimate which will be a flat fee most likely.
They’ll also offer us a “what to do when we lose strategy” so we’re by no means out of the woods even if we can afford them.



Note that the majority of the call/meeting will likely be taken up by discussion with Roger Maduro (Open Health News site publisher and editor-in-chief) regarding the immense developments/opportunities for OpenEMR and OpenEMR vendors/users in the open Medicaid IT marketplace.

Note this meeting is open to the public, so please feel free to join and see Stephen’s post above for call in details.

Executive Director | OEMR Organization

Here is the Agenda for April 12, 2017 OEMR Board Meeting:

  1. Call to Order. Roll call.

  2. Discussion with Roger Maduro regarding developments/opportunities of the open Medicaid IT marketplace.

  3. Discussion with Matthew Vita regarding marketing.

  4. Approval of March 8, 2017 meeting minutes (will defer this to the next board meeting).

  5. Financial Report

  6. MU3 Report

  7. Unfinished Business
    -Revocation status.
    -Confirm board member (Scott Wakefield).
    -Conference outreach.
    -Raising funds.
    -Conflict of interest policy.

  8. New Business

  9. Public and Community Concerns

  10. Next Board Meeting on May 10, 2017

  11. Adjourn Board Meeting


I just posted the board meeting audio:


thanks @brady.miller , should have monthly financials ready soon, preparing for next Wednesday’s, the 10th, meeting. Will also have update on IRS quagmire :persevere:

guessing agenda will be very similar to above :slight_smile: , did Roger accept the document that was prepared?

cheers :wine_glass: