Observations code library is empty / LOINC

On OpenEMR 5.0.2 on Linux, if I go here:
Search on patients > open one with past encounters > View Past Encounters > select one from the list > Clinical > Observation

Then “Code: LOINC” is selected (it is the only option), but if I search for something in the “Search for:” field and select “Search” then there are no results, just the “Code Description” heading appears.

I’m expecting to see blood pressure, temp etc.

Administration > Lists > Code Types > LOINC > Clinical Term is enabled.

What am I missing please?


hi @PeteBoyd, think the only way to currently add LOINC is manually through admin->codes

also this:

Thank you @stephenwaite . I’ve no experience with “add LOINC … manually through admin->codes” or “setting up a hard coded vendor and import” so will look into this and may come back here later if I can’t get my head around it. Cheers

This is an old thread but to I had to manually add some LOINC codes and it was specifially the link that @stephenwaite posted in the Section " Configure/Add Code Types" at the bottom that was helpful.

Specifically I went to Administration -> Coding -> Codes in the menu navigation. From there I manually filled in the code I needed and hit the ‘Add as New’ button.

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