Nurse Only Calendar

redlettertech wrote on Wednesday, November 14, 2007:

We have a small rural clinic with one doctor and several nurses.  Our nurses handle drawing blood and giving shots.  The nurses are not assigned to a particular patient.  They just take the next patient in line for shots. We would like to create a nurses only calendar to book patients that just need blood work or flu shots. Our issue is that we do not want to setup each nurse as a practitioner with their own calendars.

What would you recommend would be the best approach to create a nurses only calendar?

Redletter Tech

bradymiller wrote on Thursday, November 15, 2007:

Couldn’t you just make a authorized user called ‘RN’ for example, then put all the nurses appt’s on that calendar?

Is the only way to accomplice this is to make the nurse a provider (physician)?

hi @censon, or Clinician.

I can see this being a very unpleasant discussion with a bunch of VIP physicians…
Thanks for the tip, Stephen