Notable Patient Portal Usage Changes

(Jerry P) #1

With the recent released v5.0.2 patch 1 and a soon to follow patch 2, there are a couple notable usage changes for which patients and administrators need to be aware.


  • Includes changes to portal appointment settings where patient can now select what category to set the appointment. Previously only Office Visit was available.
  • Patients may now cancel appointment.

Important Note: Remember the portal Reset and Register features requires that practice email is setup at Administration->Globals->Notifications. There are several resources/how to’s on this matter but a quick tutorial for Google is: Don’t forget to authorize in your Google account.

  1. Patient Reminder Sender Email: must be populated for any type email setup. Can be any return address if you don’t want return email from recipient. I use
  2. Email Transport Method: SMTP
  3. SMTP Server Hostname:
  4. SMTP Server Port Number: 587
  5. SMTP User for Authentication and SMTP Password for Authentication: Is your email credentials i.e email address and account password…
  6. SMTP Security Protocol: TLS
  7. Any other entries are obvious for what content to use.

If you don’t have an email account, I recommend creating one for your clinic specifically for portal use.

Moving On with usage:

  • Patients may now change their username and password once logged into portal or if allowed in Globals->Portal, reset their credentials and change as necessary.
    Logged in and using Account menu item Change Credentials:

Patient may change password or username:

The same options are available on new patient first login, credential resets by patient, self registration as new patient and a manual reset by administrators from OpenEMR demographics.

Other Notes for portal in general

  • A practice may turn on the Register feature in Globals->Portal then link to portal login screen allowing a person to self register through a wizard that collects much of their profile and insurance. They are then sent by email a temporary username and password. Once they complete the necessary more permanent credential changes and login, appointments can then be made. Also secure messaging(mail) is available.
  • One day soon, if enough interest is shown, I hope to have telemedicine whereby patient may video/audio call reception or provider.
  • Portal now has the ability to take credit card payments using one of three methods. Authorize.Net or Stripe gateways or administration can receive and authorize a credit card in house via Portal Dashboard (CC is still collected and number validated same as gateways except card authorization is withheld until a card audit is done by administrator. Then patient is notified of transactions authorization and receipt issued).
  • Also available since v5.0.1(7) is ability to use portal document templates from demographics patient documents. Say you want to have a patient sign a Hipaa agreement during an office visit. Once done, document is locked and available on the patients portal or in patient documents under the category selected when creating the document i.e. becomes part of their chart.


    And so forth.

Due to the import of critical fixes needed in patch 1, I kind of ran out of time to get the username/password changes in that patch however, Brady is working hard to do a quick turn around patch 2 so you folks can get these helpful changes asap. May be as soon as next week.

Hope this helps and feel free to ask questions.

V5.0.2 Documentation and Pointers
(ViSolve) #2

Thanks for the information. Sure it helps.


(Jerry P) #3

Procedural update:
Previously when a credential reset was done, a new password was sent by email. Now a one time token is sent to patient as a link to a credential change form. However, after Brady’s security audit and for peace of mind, I decided to send along an additional 6 character token PIN for entry by patient as additional security. Be assured that passwords or usernames (old or new) never leave our site on a password reset with no useful information encoded in one time token.
Also, patient must revalidate their existing username during credential resets.


And the good stuff: Email

We received a credentials reset request. The link to reset your credentials is below.

Please ignore this email if you did not make this request

Credentials Reset. Below link is only valid for one hour.:


One Time verification PIN: rZBUTw

Reset Form: Username can be new or current. I just don’t advertise in interface. Note also that portal users now have a permanent Account Id for future Telemedicine and FHIR.

How is credential reset initiated?
After one failed login attempt, a reset credentials button is activated in login dialog. I avoided an always on “Forgot password” link for security reasons.

New Patient Register
I thought i’d remind folks that after a new patient registers, a new chart is started and a message notification is sent to the selected(during registration) provider.
If the patient opts to create an appointment, a notification is sent for it as well.

Patch 2 is going well and release is soon so stay tuned and happy portaling (Gesh, i’m corny) :slight_smile:

(Jerry P) #4

Forced Resets
After patch 2 is installed all patient portal users will be required to change their passwords and possibly username. Current username/passwords remain unchanged but patient will be redirected to change password interface on their next login.