Not able to complete installation

I have tried installing the OpenEMR but I was able to just go as far as downloading it. I attempted to set it up but I am not able to run it. Please help.

Can you give more information please? Which version are you trying to install? On a linux machine, Mac, Windows? What errors are you seeing?


Hi! I downloaded the version7.2. in Windows. Honestly, I am not confident in figuring it out the other requirements to get it running(xampp etc.)

Basically, XAMP is like running a windows based Linux machine on your local. I recommend getting a VM and running Ubuntu 21.04. Its much easier than futzing with Xamp. Once you have a VM running Ubuntu I can be of better help.

Oh, I don’t know about VM. I am only starting and working on this on my personal computer. Starting very small. This is something I am trying with the very little knowledge I have but since I am working as an HIS administrator in my company I get frustrated with the limitations that the current system we are using has. Is it not gonna work for me?

This will work, very well. How did you go about installing it? What errors are you getting? Screenshots are worth 1,000 words. Were you able to get XAMP running?

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Hi, Another option is this video series that will walk you through an installation and learn a lot about how it works along the way (created this series as a way for any level of technical expertise to turn into an OpenEMR developer :slight_smile: ). In your case, just need to get through the first 2 steps to end up with a working installation of OpenEMR on your computer (would not use it in a production environment, but you’d be able to figure that out much easier after going through this tutorial series):

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I have not checked it, I have been swamped, with audits happening at work. I will check later. I appreciate the help.

I will look into this option for sure. I appreciate the help. I am determined to make it work.