Not able to authorize patient in swagger

I have deployed the open emr on cloud and created app but after that I am trying to use swagger and for that I am not able to authorize using the app that I have created and getting below error

** We`re Sorry! An Error has occured! Type: 500

Please try your request again, check the server logs, or contact the site administrator for support**

Hi @malav2001,

I understand that you’ve encountered an issue with the patient authorization in Swagger,

You can try out these steps and check,

Change the below mentioned url in openemr-api.yaml file.

url: /openemr7/apis/default/
authorizationUrl: /openemr7/oauth2/default/authorize
tokenUrl: /openemr7/oauth2/default/token
refreshUrl: /openemr7/oauth2/default/token

The openemr-api.yaml file is located in swagger directory.

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please feel free to contact us at .
-ViSolve AI Team