NewCrop Registration process

Hi All,

I have enabled the newcrop into OpenEMR and it is giving Unauthorized access to ePrescription when I try to click on the NewCrop MedEntry button I know that why its show like that becaue I did not have below details
NewCrop eRx Partner Name
NewCrop eRx Name
NewCrop eRx Password
But when I try to contact with NewCrop team below message I got from the NewCrop team

You will need to activate/request the service through Open EMR. As we simply power the service in the background, and they manage the adding of new practices/users through Open EMR.

Can any one help me for same.


hi @Nilesh_Hake , just referred you to mi-squared’s professional support page via our telegram channel

there may be other vendors who can help you connect to newcrop but mi-squared developed and donated the module to openemr many years ago and they’re one of our best professional support vendors


Thanks replay @stephenwaite