New User Asking for Features Details

Hello Everyone.
first of all thank you for the support you are giving to the community. I am new here and provide free network support to a small charity based cancer hospital. They have decided to use an EMR and have received many quotes from vendors and their cost is very very high for them to afford. I have suggested them to go for OpenEMR. However, I have received a document from them that the other vendors are providing the following features and if I can tell them that is there any possibility that these features are available or can be made into OpenEMR. I am posting a screenshot to this post. Can anyone help me on this.

Do they require US ONC certification? You can see OpenEMR’s certified feature list on our ONC CHPL Certification page. These features have been vetted and certified by a government testing authority.

OpenEMR has typically been used primarily in outpatient settings and is still lacking in hospital features. Its inpatient features are limited and typically in a hospital setting OpenEMR has been used outside the United States as their regulatory/medical needs are lower.

Now if the hospital can’t afford the other vendors then they are going to have to use whatever they can get and OpenEMR would welcome the collaboration if they are wanting to invest development resources to build out some of the feature sets they are lacking.


Thanks for the reply.
I can try to make a collaboration and develop features which are not in OpenEMR. And also give back to community so that others can also benefit.

At the moment, I cannot see a comprehensive list of available features to compare with what the other vender is offering. Can you please help me with that?


Can you please share complete list on my email id I will tell which is existing into OpenEMR and which are not available, those are not available we can create customized code or write the module for that into OpenEMR. Also provide those module to community as well.

NBH Health Soft

OpenEMR’s feature list is available right from the home page. Direct link is here:


Hello Nilesh. The modules we require are pasted as an image in my original post. However, I am going to send you the email now.

Ok @kanuns I will check update you