New real time chat option for openEMR community

(system) #1

robertdown wrote on Monday, March 13, 2017:

We are proud to announce! This new chat platform can help expedite conversations and further development of openEMR as a software and our community as a whole.

This new platform has also allowed us to integrate free, basic support right into our website! The hope is this will help new users or people looking at openEMR more easily find answers to their questions.

However, as we a community of volunteers we need your help. Currently we have 3 people commited to “staff the chat lines” but we would love to see a few more people step up and offer some of their time to answer questions and provide basic support. If this is something you can offer, please reach out to me or brady.

We recommend using one of the social login features instead of creating an account (Though you certainly can make a local account).

We’d love to hear your feedback about our new chat platform

(Elijah Wisdom) #2

This is amazing. i’m so logging in right away.


Unable to access the chat. Getting a

502 Bad Gateway
nginx/1.10.3 (Ubuntu)

Is it just me or other’s too experiencing this?

(David) #4

Help @robert.down you might be our only hope!

(Brady Miller) #5

chat is back in business :slight_smile:


hi, chat seems to be unresponsive again.

(Brady Miller) #7

hi @fkasmani ,

Just got it back up. The chat stuff has been causing headaches over last month. We plan to hopefully figure out what is causing them to crash so frequently soon and fix it.



Thanks @brady.miller

(Brady Miller) #9

The chat is going down on almost a daily basis. We are restarting it when it happens, but is causing down times in chat. Hopefully we’ll get a fix for it soon.