New problem since installing 5.0.0 concerning Patient Notes


I am unable to “close” a Patient Note from within the patients chart.

In the previous version, within the “Notes”, if there was an active note, I was able to click “edit” which would open the patient note. After editing the note, I could click on “To” and the selection to chose “close” was available. This would make the Note inactive and take it out of the Message and Reminder Center.

This option is no longer available since I upgraded to 5.0.0.

I can now only inactive and close the note from the Message and Reminder Center. This just make more steps to complete this task.

Can anyone tell me if there is a way I can get that “close” option back into the dropdown?

Jeff Guillory Jr.
Lumberton, TX


Hi Jeff,

Isn’t there an Active column. If you unclick Active and then click Update Active, then it will close the note(s).



Hi @nursejeff ,
I admit though that the **close** option should be added back(just tried it on 4.2.2 and it was there).


Looks like my fault:

I am glad to fix this. Maybe I should make the label say ‘Mark Note as Completed’ and place it at the end of the list to avoid repeating this error in the future. Placed a proposed fix below. thoughts?



Thanks Brady,

Labeling it “Mark note as completed” seems wordy, but is definitely more descriptive.

Sounds good to me.



@nursejeff ,
I just brought this fix into the codebase and will include it in the next 5.0.0 patch.