New Patient Form Management

Hi! I am hoping to use Open EMR for a new telemedicine practice in Texas.

Texas law requires that I obtain acknowledgement of electronic receipt of my privacy practices.

In addition, I would like to obtain an intake form and copy of the patient’s driver license.

How easy is it to do these things via Open EMR? Would I send these to the patient and have them email me? If so, how would I make my email system HIPAA compliant?

Many thanks in advance for reading and any responses!

Kind regards,

OpenEMR has the ability to securely collect documents from the portal and demographic documents feature.
The default privacy template filled and signed from demographics Documents looks like:

The same documents available for patient actions in demographics are also available in the portal which are then audited and charted by admin on completion by patient.

You can search the forum and wiki for document templates for more information as there are several use cases for the feature such as scheduling documents in portal per patient/patient groups that will be recurring like yearly HIPAA documents, assessment/questionnaires etc.
The portal also supports telehealth.