New MIME types


Where can I add new MIME Types for documents? For example: ogg mime type?


Hi @APerez ,

When you import the ogg file, does it assign the MIME type correctly?




Hash: 4bcd0be25b28699c3f9c0dc86171c6d65291ba14
MimeType: audio/ogg

But when returning to Documents and clicking on file it offers download.
Not a browser plugin issue.
Tested on the Shallow Web and the Light Web (As opposed to the Deep and Dark Web). :wink:


If you go to another site that offers ogg files, does the browser automatically do something with it or just offer you the download?


If you add it in this list, does it work:


Other sites work just fine. Only oe offered download.


Will try this out later


No that doesn’t work.
Here’s the odd one:
if I place it in the Lab Report and then go to Procedure->Lab Documents it works just fine.