New member / how to access a template

Just got an account. Wondering where to go from here. Can I import my old EMR? Sorry, but need help on first steps. Thank you.

Hello @eyemd and welcome to the community. Importing from your previous EMR may be possible, though it will be heavily influenced by what your previous EMR is capable of exploring. OpenEMR can import CCDA and FHIR models using built in processes. It is possible to import other types of data, such as an XML or CSV file, though it would require some custom code.

Hello @eyemd
Welcome to the community!
In case you haven’t visited the documentation wiki yet, here it is:

The wiki has a lot of good information in it, even though it may be hard to find - you must remember that many functionalities of OpenEMR have not changed since they were added to the codebase in earlier versions, so earlier documentation is still usable.

Also, that the wiki is organized by tasks and workflows, so you’ll want to scroll down to read the whole list of links on the wiki page.

Searching this forum is a good way to find information. This search returns many posts on other users’ research into the topic
Good luck!

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