New 7.0.0 installation works but extremely slow

New 7.0.0 installation very slow. Used download from sourceforge of Xampp and openemr zips loading openemr into localhost/xampp/htdocs/openemr. It landed there as openemr 7.0.0 where I changed name to open emr before pointing browser to localhost/emr then when connection failed, spent whole day turning off all manner of security before discovering on my own that I must start Apahe and SQL in xampp console before it would work(not mentioned in otherwise thorough instructions and probably an omission not considered by a geek). So now would installing the 2nr patch possibly help? If so, should Apwche and SQL be off or on during this endeavor. By the way I restored all the security I could recall and can still log in. Still very very slow. Does Windows Defender or Malwarebytes slow down openemr? I use Windows 10 Home version 21H2 8 GB RAM and 567 GB available storage.

You should try disabling Windows Defender and Malwarebytes to test if it is a firewall problem.
Here is a guide to install:
To apply the patch it is necessary that apache and mysql are running. Here is a guide to the patch:

Those were the instructions I used for to install. I found the script to edit php.ini in the XAMPP console; very little was needed except to increase memory from 1000 to 3000. Anyway, I have deleted everything since I would not want to keep my antivirus and antimalware constantly disabled even if that improved the speed of openemr. Neither of those prevented logging in to open emr. I have seen reference to using docker version. Is there a set of instructions for that for Windows 10 Home?

I have installed Openemr over xampp on several PCs and they work fine. But I’ve always used Windows 10 Pro. From what I’ve been finding out, the Home version has some limitations on network processes. Maybe it’s this. Can you get a PC with windows 10/11 Pro and try there?

Make sure that Config->Logging Audit Logging SELECT Query is not selected or any other logging you don’t need. Large slow downs if select logging is on.

Thanks for everyone’s suggestions. Will depart from thread for now.