Need Security Auditor for OpenEMR

Name of Company
PEER Technologies PLLC, aka PEERClinic (

Job Title
OpenEMR Security Auditor

Job Description
Currently the OpenEMR installation that our clinic runs has not been audited which can compromise our security. We need a security auditor that can come in and help us make sure our installation is as secure as it can be.

Required Skills

  • Knowledge of how OpenEMR works
  • Knowledge of how to connect to a VPN such as OpenVPN
  • Knowledge of regulations set by HIPAA and The Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC)
  • Knowledge of how to use a Command Line Interface
  • Knowledge of how to use the Ubuntu Server operating system
  • Cyber Security bachelors degree and/or similar degree

This job is a temporary job. The person/individual/company will:

  1. Provide a security audit of our current system in detail of what needs to be changed
  2. Execute the changes that need to be made
  3. Do all of the above while making it as cost-effective as possible


  • The person/individual/company will be paid for their work at a negotiable rate.

PEERClinic is a small orthopedic clinic in the heart of Fairfax, Virginia. We offer back pain and spine surgery services for our patients.

For more information
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