Need Help with OpenEMR API: Encountering 'Invalid Client' Authentication Error

but always the same error


As a new user of OpenEMR, I wish to explore its API by sending an authorization request after registering my app and obtaining the client ID and client private key. However, whether I use Swagger or Postman, I encounter an issue where a new page displays the following error message: “error”:“invalid_client”,“error_description”:“Client authentication failed”,“message”:“Client authentication failed”. To rule out any potential problems with my localhost installation, I also tried using three demo servers, namely edu, eleven, and two, but the error persists consistently. How can I resolve this authentication issue?

Hi @Mohamed_Amine_EL_GAA ,

I understand that you’ve encountered an issue with the Invalid Client Authentication,
You can try out these steps and check,

Check whether the api client is enabled and try to access swagger using ‘https’ url, instead of ‘http’ and again try to authorize.

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-ViSolve AI Team