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Need help setting up OpenEMR

Good morning from Toronto. I am working on an OpenEMR instance for a small clinic in a public hospital in Ethiopia. I am a business systems analyst but don’t know code. I am able to customize the layouts, global parameters, etc but don’t have background in SQL, JavaScript, PNP, etc. I need help with: setting up a backup and recovery process; building forms and reports; problem-solving OpenEMR errors; advice on hosting (currently my OpenEMR instance is on AWS), etc.

I’m doing this work as a volunteer for a Canadian charity/NGO, so I need to have a good feel for the cost of hiring someone to help, by the hour, day or for one month.

The instance I’ve created is OpenEMR 5.0.2, hosted on AWS.


Hi @MaryP,

I can surely help you, please mail me at with more details and add me on skype: live:ray_7950 for further discussion.


Hi Ray, thanks.
I’ll email you later today.

Hi @MaryP,

Thanks for your reply. i will look forward for your email.


Just for your information, here’s the list of certified professional support for OpenEMR.

Thank you @htuck. I write this not to complain, but as an FYI. I wrote to 4 of the companies on the list. Here’s what came back:

MMD in Canada – > Unfortunately, our OpenEMR services are targeted at larger enterprise-size organizations
HealthIT Kenya - email bounced
Claire Africa, also in Kenya - no reply at all
Medlink Uganda - email bounced and website N/A

Hence, my ‘help wanted’ ad


Hi @MaryP - Certainly, no offense taken, just trying to widen your options.
Good luck with your quest!

  • Harley

Hi Mary,
If you are still looking out for some help, I would be interested as this is within my area of expertise.
You can reach me on
Best Wishes,

Hi Mary,
I can help you on background stuff as mentioned in post.
Else, let me know if you were able to found one