Need assistance configuring new client intake form on AWS EC2 and WordPress

(Seth) #1

About the Company
We’re a small Speech Therapy Private Practice located in Long Island, NY

Job Title
Contractor / Ongoing Assistance

Job Description
I installed OpenEMR on AWS. I also have a website under development in WordPress. Basically, I am trying to create a client intake form that is easy to use for new clients to fill out before they show up on their first day. I’d like the client info to be entered in my OpenEMR Patient database. I am open to suggestions as to how I can achieve this. So far, I attempted to follow the documented steps to enable the CMS portal and direct it to my WordPress site but I keep getting “Portal authentication failed”. I can really use someone to help me get this all started, I’m pretty sure I can maintain it once it’s going.

Required Skills

  • Experience troubleshooting, configuring, and customizing OpenEMR on AWS.
  • Experience working with WordPress

See above

Contract payment only. No benefits. Potential for additional requests after Intake Form is completed.

(ViSolve) #2

Dear Seth,
What you are trying to address is a very common functionality. One can implement this simply creating a user in OpenEMR and sharing that with your patient so they can fill out the newly created form that can be filled into the OpenEMR database.

Please feel free to contact for additional information.

Also, you may want to check whether these type functionality can meet your needs with OpenEMR:

-ViSolve OpenEMR support Team

(Seth) #3

This sounds like a good idea. I’ll look into this, as long as it’s a simple interface for the new clients to sign up, this could work.

This is great but probably way more than I need at this time.

(Sherwin Gaddis) #4

The built in patient portal 2 will do what you are asking. @sjpadgett has built a registration system and a patient can put in all the information that you requested before they come to the office and fill out forms. I am having the same issue with the portal where it is failing to allow login. May be @sjpadgett can tell us how to fix this.

To get your portal 2 to work, don’t use an email address in the patient demographics. I had to leave it out to be able to log in the patient portal as a patient.
In the Globals enable the patient registration, this will get you going down the path you need. From there you will be able to decide what if any modification you need from any of us.

(ViSolve) #5

That was only an example. Definitely, we can customize forms to meet your needs!
-ViSolve OpenEMR support Team

(Seth) #6

Can you elaborate a bit more as to what you have working? I do need email to be a field I have new patients enter, but I don’t need them to log in or anything to my system, there’s no need to create a portal or anything for them. I just need a way to send out intake paperwork, and collect their responses into my database.

(Seth) #7

Would the form be hosted in OpenEMR or in WordPress? I’m open to any solution that is easy to access and use! Would it be possible to include an ‘Upload attachment’ link in some way to allow new patients to upload an image of their insurance card?

(ViSolve) #8

Can we discuss offline from the community so we dont clutter the
community thread with business terms?

Thank you,