Nation Note Template Sharing

I wanted to know if the blocking of sharing is on purpose. Before, users could create categories and share them with others. That is not possible now. This screenshot is from the alpine development. Thank you.

I haven’t modified NN in over two years. @robert.down did some recent work I believe.
Still, you could try to track it down.

I did make some changes, but not to the sharing - that should still be possible.

Here, I am trying to pull over a category to use. It shows failed and pops back.

Try to use the move arrows to the right. Select cat then click arrow.
Most likely the drag/drop doesn’t work

@sjpadgett, respectfully, in the video, I am not dragging. I am selecting the arrows.

Sorry for some reason I can’t view the video.
Still, I don’t know why it’s broken. You’ll have to try to re-create it locally and debug.
If I get a chance later, I’ll take a look

@sjpadgett I will look into it to see what I can find. I wanted to ask beforehand to know what I am getting into.

Unknown Sherwin. I’d get into the nation or direct tree and do a search on the failed keyword

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I’ve found the Nation Note UI to be very finicky, had to navigate a lot of code to make what I thought would be straight forward improvements.

You don’t have a context selected - that’s likely why it’s failing

@robert.down you are correct the error message was showing failed because I did not select a context first. Here is a video on what happens when I do select a context.

The templates still can’t be shared.

Any Solution to this humbly?

Yes, the issue was solved here

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