Mysql access qiuestion

The password for mysql that have does not work since I upgraded. It works for manual backup purposes and I am trying to set up automated backups. But first I wanted to pull birthdays out of the database but I cannot log directly into mysql. So I planned to reset it but I then realized i might impact the openemr access to the database. So the question is if I reset it will it impact openmr function and if so what will I need to address. Just trying not to create problem and get ahead of potential ones and get teh automatic off site backup set up

OpenEMR Version 7.0.0
I’m using OpenEMR version

Browser: Chrome
I’m using:

Operating System
I’m using: ubunutu 20.04, windows 7

Did you search the forum for similar questions? yes

Did you check the logs? no
Was there anything pertinent in them?
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You can also turn on User Debugging under Administration->Globals->Logging User Debugging Options=>All

Hi Tyran,
if you change the mysql password per say, it will not do anything to your openemr database.
Another thing is you wont be able to change the mysql password if you dont remember your old root password.
I might be wrong but i think u need to be logged into mysql to change the password.
Check the spaces or cap locks etc … if you can login to create backups then the pwd is definitely working , provided you are using the root as user for openemr database.

i frequently use this feature in phpmyadmin,
select openemr database > operations> copy database to openemrbkupCopy
can come in handy if you mess up big time. :smiley:

Hi @mincey85
Do I get it right that you have 2 questions?

  1. How to set up automated backups, and
  2. how to manually access your database.

Is that correct?

  1. I’m pretty sure automated backups still cannot be done from within OpenEMR, they require scripting the OpenEMR server.
    Try this forum search for the true details. It returns 50+ results.
    Screenshot at 2024-05-31 10-22-43

  2. The OP neglects to mention several important factors.

  • If you are logged into your OpenEMR server you can indeed log into the MySQL server that runs your OpenEMR database. However you will be accessing it ‘manually’, from the commandline. If you know how to do that you’re a database pro and you don’t need to ask for help here.

  • See step 2 of this wiki page:
    OpenEMR 7.0.2 Linux Installation - OpenEMR Project Wiki

It shows ‘MySQL Server Details’ which name the accounts that are automatically created, with which OpenEMR accesses the database. If you change the logins for any of those it will make OpenEMR unable to log into the database and it will break your system.
EDIT: and it may be that you unintentionally changed a login when you did the upgrade.

  • The screenshots in his explanations show that he has phpMyAdmin installed. Some sort of database management system is required if you are not a pro accessing from the commandline. An alternative to phpMyAdmin is adminer. You can download either of them for free and install it on your server to provide gui access to your database.

THEN- with the DBMS installed, it’s fairly trivial to run queries to pull birthdays out of the database.

Good luck!
Best- Harley

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Thank you!
I suddenly the password works but I am happy to learn about other options.