My client wants to change her rate for all new visits

Is that found in the feesheet? it seemed like i had to pick a particular encounter to open that. I just want to make a global change such that when she adds a new patient, or a new encounter for an old patient, it uses the new rate



you can search for the code and update the fees one by one

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@stephenwaite would changing the rate affect older encounters or the new ones only ?

It won’t affect the fees for encounters already saved to the database. It would affect any new additions in the fee sheet so it could be an older encounter that doesn’t have a fee sheet entry for the code.

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If you can believe it, I’m only looking into this now(!)

Thanks for your explanations.

So we have a kind of particular situation here, which is that we are on a pretty old version, (4.2.0?) and for example I see “Administration”, not “Admin”, and within that I see “Codes”, not “Coding”, and in “Codes” I see no dollar values anywhere. They must be somewhere, though.

I wouldn’t bother you, except I am going around in circles, looking at the online manual, and still not finding where I put her global rate. Appears to be the only rate she uses for everything, if I understand it correctly

Happy to keep digging if you can point me to the right place. I know I shouldn’t be on such an old version, but given that it’s all working for her purposes, I don’t want to change it right now

Thanks for any assistance you can give

Admin->Codes works, see the bottom line in the image below for how you can edit a code and change the fee

Hi @leongruenbaum -
The codes module has indeed changed some over the past release versions but if the screen with its control objects basically matches the picture you’re looking at it will function the same.

@stephen talks about the service fees which are used in the fee sheet with the assumption that your OpenEMR system has service fees coded into the CPT (or other) service codes. But it sounds like that may not be the case here. When you say ‘she adds a new patient, or a new encounter for an old patient, it uses the new rate’, which rate is that? Can you send a screenshot of where the rate appears in a new encounter?

The situation you describe does not actually name what rate your Dr uses. Do you know how she is entering the rate? Do you know what steps she uses to add the fee?
OpenEMR will permit, if the fees of the codes have not been configured per @stephen’s descriptions, for the user to manually add the fee for a service to an individual patient’s fee sheet. If that’s how she does it, there is no global fee to set.

If you look in this doc
step 2 of section 4 should give some background information on how fees are used. If this appears to relate to the process you are asking about I’d be happy to go into more detail.
Best- Harley