Multi Site Installation freezes

(Venu Julapalli) #22

In setup.php, line 1089 for me refers to this:

echo “Adding Initial User…\n”;
if (! $installer->add_initial_user()) {
echo “$error.\n”;
echo $installer->error_message;
echo “$ok

I used Notepadqq (Notepad++ for Linux) to create the setup.php file, which got rid of the extraneous spaces. The lines you cited start at 999 for me.

(Venu Julapalli) #23

That wasn’t it. I used my existing mysql user, as you said, after granting that user all privileges to the bluebird database. The error is the same. It’s having something to do with the oemr_password_salt function.

(Stephen Waite) #24

ok, are you starting at this at the admin.php page?

(Venu Julapalli) #25


This is the oemr_password_salt function (from password_hashing.php):

function oemr_password_salt()
$Allowed_Chars =‘ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz0123456789./’;
$Chars_Len = 63;

$Salt_Length = 22;

$salt = "";

for ($i=0; $i<$Salt_Length; $i++) {
    $salt .= $Allowed_Chars[mt_rand(0, $Chars_Len)];

(Stephen Waite) #26

hi @vrjula, can’t reproduce your issue but the below snippet of your file starts on line 1172 in rel-502,

(Venu Julapalli) #27

This has been my thought process on what’s happening: The fatal error is noted to be at line 1089 in setup.php. For me that is the snippet I pointed to earlier, “Adding Initial User…” This correlates with what I’m seeing on screen in terms of the freeze: It’s happening when there is an attempt to make the initial user for OEMR. The fatal error further refers me to line 360 of /var/www/openemr/library/classes/Installer.class.php. That line is the following:

  $salt=oemr_password_salt();     // Uses the functions defined in library/authentication/password_hashing.php

When I go to password_hashing.php, I find the function for oemr_password_salt() that I pasted above. So it’s somewhere here where it’s all going wrong. I don’t understand why it’s happening in my specific case, but that’s what I’m seeing occur. Am I thinking right on this?


(Stephen Waite) #28

the fatal error is at line 360 and it’s traced back to line 1089 in the stack, think you may have a different version of setup.php in with your

(Venu Julapalli) #29

Success…I created setup.php again, and it went through. I must have copied it wrong the first time.

Thank you for guiding me through the troubleshooting, @stephenwaite.

Happy Holidays,