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Moving a product from one warehouse to to another

Dear all,
How can I approach this in OpenEMR version 5.0.1. I have two Warehouses, i.e. ‘Main Store’ and ‘Pharmacy’. Usually, the products are moved from main store to pharmacy in bits. I there a transaction that can enable a product with the same lot be in different warehouses?

There is no copy transaction. Manually add same lot and its details in both warehouses. After that click on a lot in pharmacy and use ‘Transfer’ transaction to record transfer of specific qty from ‘source lot’ in main store.

@mdsupport thank you very much for your response. I have another question, though. How do you remove Lot of a product that has been dispensed to 0 levels and it not useful again in the facility? Is removing the Lot advisable.
Thank you in advance!

Deletion keeps process clean. Base your decision on Lot+expiry date combo. If you expect it to be repeated, keeping the empty lot saves you few keystrokes - just add more qty as a transaction later. Also keep the lot if product is without lot and/or expiry tracking.

@mdsupport how do you delete a Lot. What I can see right now is ‘Destory’, which in my opinion means something different. Please advice.

Developer was probably thinking that if there is on-hand, that material needs to be destroyed. Deletion of the record is still the end result. You can document the reason as something like ‘Lot record deleted with zero quantity on hand’…

@mdsupport thank you very much for your guidance.