Moving a patient along through roles and tasks

In our business we define roles and many of those roles have different tasks.
The different roles need to see a view of patients at a relevant stage in a defined pathway.
The patients need to move from point to point in that pathway when specific information is entered, which then makes the patient show up on a new role’s list of patients to work with on that day.
Is this possible to do with OpenEMR? Is everything appointment based? Or can tasks and views simply be created based on custom data entered with a patient?

Thanks for helping me understand. I’m not clinical and am new to EMRs, so I’m doing some R&D. Trying to figure out how they differ from project management/task management software (other than the obvious HIPAA compliance concerns.


Hi @hawleyj - welcome to the community, I hope it’s rewarding for you.

Your access requirements are fairly complex, but it seems the Flow Board could be of some use.
That OpenEMR wiki page shows the FB as displayed in an earlier version of OpenEMR, but in v 6.0 the same elements are present:

With the flow board, you would open it and see a display of all the patients who are currently between their checking into the practice and their check out at the end of the appointment. It would also list their appointment statuses, the names of which are customizable. It sounds like you want their status to change automatically when particular information is entered? With the flow board the status would need to be manually changed when a user enters the triggering information.

And in the Community Edition of OpenEMR, all users would be able to see all the patients’ listings in the Flow Board. But a custom addon exists, called the ‘Patient Privacy Module’ which would allow specifying which patients information is viewable by which users.

It’s a bit too complex to go into specifics right now, but take a look at the pages and if it looks like those modules suit your needs I think the Flow Board can come close to delivering the functionality you’re looking for.
Good luck!

  • Harley