Module-faxsms Installation Late 2021

For OpenEMR Cloud - Standard Edition users who are beginning to use Openemr ~ 6.0.0 Patch 3 and desire to use the FaxSMS module (2.2- as of this post) follow the procedure outlined here in the at the bottom.


  1. Enter the Docker Directory (Like a staging area of moving into a new home- central place to unpack things) sudo docker exec -it {CONTAINER NAME} sh → find by running ‘sudo docker container ls

  2. Now sitting in this directory ‘{CONTAINER NAME}’:/var/www/localhost/htdocs/openemr/ , use composer command for install:
    composer require “openemr/oe-module-faxsms”

  3. If it installs with no error simply register, install, and then enable module in manage modules tab followed by activating fax/sms system of choice (ring central currently). Go back and enter info of account you set up in fax module. enjoy your fax service!

If this you run the command composer require “openemr/oe-module-faxsms” and it tries to require you to obtain a github oauth token, do not attempt to do this. Exit and ssh back into your instance. You are more likely to retrieve the wrong token which will have deleterious results on your entire install. Rather, exit the docker back into your home/user area. Once there you will want to do the following for a work around at present:

  1. Install composer 2 in ubuntu@ip----: (or whatever the first directory was when you ssh in)
curl -sS | php


php composer.phar install

Once, you have done this don’t worry about any messages about a composer.json file. You will now re-enter the docker container and proceed to re-execute steps 1-3 and voila! you have a working fax system!

I cannot confirm why this works except the possibility that composer 2 is not inside the docker container or a dependency of the version installed in the docker container is missing.