Module creation some time listener is not available

Hi @adunsulag and @stephenwaite,

I have created the one module and sometime listener is not available into openemr. If I created the my own listener I am not violating code rule of openemr correct?


You can create your own listener and not ‘violate’ the code rules of openEMR as long as you plan on just your system utilizing the code. Always remember you can do whatever you want on your own system. The challenge is when you want to share that code with others.

If you share some code, I may be able to help you fix the listener issue.

Thanks for reply @juggernautsei I do not have any issue with creating listener I just want confirm I can create my own listener or not. I got that answer from you. Thanks @juggernautsei

@Nilesh_Hake reading between the lines. When you are creating new features in OpenEMR. I would suggest sharing the listeners that you create back with the codebase. Adding listeners can help the codebase and other developers utilize those listeners like I did with the offsite storage into the S3 bucket. Now, someone else can come along and utilize that listener to do a Google or Azure bucket.

@juggernautsei Yes I will share listener that I am writing with community.