Modifying the date displayed in the document list

Hey friends! I am working on a script that is uploading documents (pdfs) to the system. Here is the code:

$doc = new \Document();
	$file_contents = file_get_contents($file);
	$ret = $doc->createDocument($new_patient['pid'], 55, "LocklearImport",
															mime_content_type(strval($file)), $file_contents);
	  if (!empty($ret)) {
  		error_log("OpenEMR API Error: There was an error in attempt to upload a patient document");
  		return false;

This code works, however, I am wanting a custom date to be displayed for the document in the Documents List rather than the current date. Even modifying the “date” and “revision” fields in the documents database table does not change this. Where does the document name live at in the DB? Any help appreciated.


Answering my own question; its the docdate field in the Documents table that appears in the UI as part of the document name. Thanks @ken!