Modifying Eye exam form


Hello, I need some guidance on modifying the Eye exam form.

My client runs a small optometry and I’ve installed OpenEMR for them.
Initially I had made an LBF for eye prescriptions, and now want to see how well they can use the in-built eye exam form.

They feel it has more than they need, yet need some changes to add things like contact lenses, etc.

Does the modification of in-built forms require programming or can it be done in a simpler manner?

One of the question was, “where’s pupil distance (P.D)”?

Thanks in anticipation.

(ViSolve) #2

yes, in-built form requires some programming.
You can modify/include the fields and functionalities in Eye exam form under the folder interface/forms/eye_mag


(R Magauran) #3

Contact Lenses are found by pressing CTL in the Vision box. Each wear Rx has extensive options including PDs, prisms, etc. Press the “<->” icon in a wear Rx to expand the view. The lens material and add on coatings are easily customized through lists, without getting into the actual code.

When printing a prescription, there is a “+” icon which allows the prescriber to add in all these options to the final Rx.