Modal not closing

(ViSolve) #1


In Message and Reminder Center, While creating a new message we use AddPatient button to open a modal box for select the patient. In the opened modal, when we click on the X button it doesn’t close the modal and while searching for a patient it displays an additional character “>”.

Please refer the image below.


(Jerry P) #2

I’ve tested several ways and can not recreate. Haven’t had trouble with Xout because the close is embedded with the modal (standard hide). Also know you should be able to close by clicking outside modal and press escape. Curious, tho.
Any errors in console as I give a lot of info on modal state there?

(Jerry P) #3

Come to think of it ensure you have latest dlgopen.php and include_opener.php.

(ViSolve) #4

Hi @sjpadgett,

Yes we too found that Pressing escape for closing the modal is useful but in development demo the modal still couldn’t be close the modal by clicking the mouse outside of the modal box, and still an character “>” is shown when the search is done.


(Jerry P) #5

Fixed wandering ‘>’ and the close issue was solved in a recent dialog update. The issue with close seemed to occur when a stacked dialog was opened then closed then reopened inside a dialog. I’ve tested numerous times with good results.