Missing checked checkbox on PDF report of encounter

Hi !
I’ve created a LBF containg groups os checkboxes to mark lab test indicated for pacient

Group DIABETES : 4 checkboxes marked

BUT using Report PDF of encounter

The Third one checked mark is missing !!!

same happens in some random checkboxes in other groups

Any comment ?

Hi !
I’ve got a solution BUT I guess that’s a BUG to be fixed

FILE : /interface/forms/LBF/report.php

function lbf_report

Happens my checkbox’s field name is long, so that function split that name on that field value

example : ex_diab_001|ex_diab_002|ex_diab_003|ex_diab_004

that is its value, four checkbox marked BUT that “wordwrap($currvalue…” split on 30 position, breaking that value and making impossible to be indentified correctly to be printed

I’ve added “data_type == 21” to avoid checkboxes be splitted. And runs OK !

That’s all

Greetings from PERU