MI-Squared Vendor information on Wike Page DELETED

tmccormi wrote on Thursday, December 01, 2016:

Brady has deleted my companies wiki entry on the vendor page. This is reprehensible considering I have spent 10+ years working and contributing to this project.

I have many customers using OpenEMR and continue to provide support to new customers (a new one coming online in January in fact).

My contributions to this project will continue both direclty and through developers that I fund.

Please put my page back online.

The work I am doing on other open source projects is not a threat, and in fact Brady has been pulling enhancements over from LibreHealth for months now.


sunsetsystems wrote on Thursday, December 01, 2016:

Wiki entries are for the OpenEMR community, they are not a reward for anything. We do not believe your fork serves the interests of that community and suggest you do your marketing on your own web pages.

Accordingly, we also request that you do not use these OpenEMR forums for your promotional purposes.


Brady and Rod
OpenEMR project administrators

robertdown wrote on Thursday, December 01, 2016:

Speaking as a contributor and community member I am in favor of removing the MI-Squared vendor page. Given recent actions it is clear that MI-Squared and Tony are no longer commited to the future growth and success of OpenEMR and therefore should not be listed on the OpenEMR website.

generallee20 wrote on Wednesday, December 07, 2016:

How is this different from ZH Healthcare’s fork of OpenEMR to make it BlueEHS? Just curious.

sunsetsystems wrote on Wednesday, December 07, 2016:

Let’s keep the focus on OpenEMR here. We don’t want to promote competing forks so it would be unfair to bash them. If you talk about your needs in the Users or Help forum, I’m sure someone will try to point you in the right direction even if it’s not OpenEMR.